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Disease and Travel Websites
ooking for your next travel destination?  Check out these countries!  Be sure to note the health precautions that you might need to take if you do choose to visit these countries.  

               Passport 1 by Craig James
              licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Belize by Nora, Katherine, Kevin, and Dylan

El Salvador by Evan, Sydney, Millie, and Alex

India by Maggie, Harrington, Quentin, and Ciara

Peru by Audrey, Lily, Amelia, and Jonathan

South Africa by Tomi, George, Jack, and Sophie




Mozambique by Zoe, Celeste, Dia, Chad, and Griffin

Nigeria by Phereby, Olivia, Melissa, Gustavo, and Ben

Russia by Emily, Annie, Jacobi, Suzel, and Ceyda

Saudi Arabia by Issy, Evan, Anna, and Mary Kate