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Useful Links

Cell Transport webquest links:


Interview with Mark Plotkin, ethnobotanist (class ID: 7601650; password: bloodandguts)

Disease and Travel websites
60-Second Science Learn about some exciting new discoveries every day!  You only need 60 seconds to be a little smarter!

Understanding Cancer (National Cancer Institute)
University of Utah Epigenetics Site
Gene Chips (Microarrays) Animation

Why does lactic acid build up in muscles? And why does it cause soreness?

Lactic acid does more than cause fatigue

Human Genome Project and Contigs

Rx for Survival:  A Global Health Challenge

Travel and Disease sqworl

The Trillions of Microbes that Live in the Human Gut that Call Us Home and Help Keep us Healthy

Virtual Heart Dissection

YouTube video of cow heart dissection (Warning!  There's a bit of random conversation.)

Virtual Rat Dissection (missing urogenital system)

Claymation Rat Dissection (not very thorough, but kind of funny)

mtDNA activity