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Journal: Determine the answer with correct sig figs. Explain how you got your answer. I know this is a tougher question, but give it your best shot. We’ll talk about it! Do not sit and stare at it.  1.58 cm x 5.42 cm + 12.66 cm2

Class:  Go over Sig Fig practice
Take notes on Metrics video (see below)
Metrics practice (1-9 odd) (see 9/17 attachment)

Metrics Notes

HW:  Metrics practice (1-9 odd) due TOMORROW
Sig Fig activity due TOMORROW
Scientific Notation, Sig Figs, & Metrics quiz Fri. 9/20
Test #1 Thurs. 9/26
Polyatomic Ion quiz Mon. 9/30 (see 9/9 attachment)
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